R. B. Memorial School of NursingBlending Knowladge With Care

Courses we offer: R.A.N.M.(2 Year Certificate Course) || G.N.M.(3 Year Diploma Course) || B.Sc.(N)* (4 Year Degree Course)


The mission of the R. B. Memorial School of Nursing is to provide knowledge and skills to the students regarding social & community service, for the continuous development of an individual as a trained nurse & as a good citizen, capable of functioning effectively in the hospital as well as community. Recent emphasis of nursing on promotion of health , prevention of illness ,restoration of health as well as advances in caring for the ill ,have opened various new areas of employment and have created added responsibilities for practicing nurses.


1.By imparting the knowledge of basic principles of the techniques and methods used on nursing and making the students understand the intricacies of nursing care.

2.By developing skills and necessary aptitudes for planning and implementing comprehensive nursing care.

3.By training them to think and act independently and responsibly as an individual, a nurse and a citizen.

4.By teaching them to work as team members and nurturing in them the spirit of co-operation with their fellow workers and the hospital administrator for the welfare of the patient through the care of the sick, prevention of diseases and promotion community health.


The philosophy is based on the mission of the trust. Staff of College believes this basic course in nursing is formal educational preparation to be based on the sound educational principles. We believes that we have responsibility to the student & trust to make provision in the programme for continuous development not only in teaching the objects but all round development of personality as an individual & citizen as well as nurse. We believe in accelerated course of nursing we have to prepare nurse for first level position in the nursing in the hospital & in the community. Our concept of nursing is based on INC definition. Unique function of the nurse which is to assess the individual in sickness or health in the performance or those activities continuous to its recovery of health.