R. B. Memorial School of NursingBlending Knowladge With Care

Courses we offer: R.A.N.M.(2 Year Certificate Course) || G.N.M.(3 Year Diploma Course) || B.Sc.(N)* (4 Year Degree Course)

Infrastructure & Facilities

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R. B. Memorial School of Nursing has well-ventilated & Spacious Lecture Halls as per the norms of Indian Nursing Council with comfortable chairs & desks. Well-qualified staff give individual attention to students. Restricted number of students &, spacious classroom with high quality sound system offers brilliant opportunities to meet interest & enable a harmonious learning experiences.


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The institution has got an auditorium with high quality echo proof material with capacity to accommodate 500 audience at a time. Good ventilation & lighting which forms highlights of our college campus. The institution encourages students to undertake & participate in extra - curricular activities, events comprising of sports, picnics, competitions, cultural evening etc. This brings about wholesome personality development among students.


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Nursing is an art & science that needs a lot of practice. The pre clinical lab is the practical area of the students where they perform all nursing procedures prior to the exposure to the clinical field. The faculty uses the lab for various demonstrations of procedures in nursing. The spacious laboratory is well equipped with chase doll, patient simulator, cardiopulmonary resuscitation mannequin, life form- hand simulator etc. Students learn about human anatomy, functioning of all the body systems, skeleton structure & muscular structure.

Physical charts & models are provided to the students for studies with all other apparatus required for eminent learning environment.


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The Nutrition laboratory is where the student learns to prepare normal & therapeutic diets. Students learn to prepare different types of exhibits for health education related to Nutrition & Diet therapy. Under the guidance of a qualified dietitian, they learn to prepare normal diet & therapeutic diet for various disease conditions without losing Nutrients. Students also use this lab to prepare different types of exhibits required to conduct various health educational programmes.


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Community laboratory is used by student to practice bag technique for family health care & prepare the materials needed for health education. Community Health nursing experience is provided to the students in government Primary Health Care Centers.


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Institution has computer lab with computers, printers, scanners etc. It has Internet & E-mail facilities for all the students.


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Library is stocked with Professional & Non-Professional Books, Medical Journals, Periodicals & Newspapers in English & Regional Language. Rated as one of the most comprehensive collection of knowledge in the related fields of courses, the library is constantly updated with the best Books & Periodicals with a large collection of Audio & Video presentation in the form of slides, Over Head Projector Videos & Audio Cassettes, Internet & Media from National Informatics Services. A study room has been attached to the Library for in-depth study.


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Outdoor & Indoor facilities are provided. A variety of recreational & cultural programmes & social events are organized periodically to assimilate the students into the social fabric of the society. The students are encouraged to participate in activities of their choice & interest. Active support & infrastructure is provided for students wishing to take parts in games and competitions.


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Opportunities are provided to students to visit Health & Social Community Centers as well as Hospitals for their learning experience & Social Projects these include Medical, Surgical, Pediatric, Maternity & other specializations like ENT, Skin & Orthopedic disorder etc.


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R. B. Memorial School of Nursing has about 150 bedded parent Hospital with all modern amenities and equipment from the learning point of view. Medical facilities are also available in the Darbhanga Medical College & Hospital, Darbhanga (D. M. C. H.). It has more than 1000 beds, which caters to all the specialties and managed by highly qualified and experienced Nursing personnel’s. In case of emergency we have linkages with the some Hospital at Patna for further treatment and advise, if needs arises.


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Opportunities are provided to students to visit Health & Social Community Centers as well as Hospitals for their learning experience & Social Projects these include Medical, Surgical, Pediatric, Maternity & other specializations like ENT, Skin & Orthopedic disorder etc.


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College has its own transport. Buses are available for the students to visit Hospitals, Community health & all other study tours.



The campus is having protected water supply through the deep tube well. The water is pumped into the high reservoir tank & distributed through out the complex area.



R. B. Memorial School Of Nursing has well-ventilated & spacious hostels for girls . Girls Hostel is within the campus of Institution. Hostel have warden room attached to hostel. Hostel have mess facility within the hostel. 24-hour water supply & generator facility available for regular supply of water & electricity. Security officer guides hostel buildings round the clock. All hostel rooms are equipped with a Bed, Fan, Cooler, Almarha, Table, Chair & attached let-bath in each room with a study room.



Mess facilities are available. Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Nutritious food is provided to the students as per the guidelines given by our chief dieticians. Healthy food including morning tea/milk, breakfast, lunch, evening tea & dinner is served in the dining hall of the hostel.